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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

How Excited Am I?

Very, but don't expect me to get too personal here. After all, this is going to be about my reflections on the birth watch of our second grandchild. This will be the first for this daughter and her beloved Joe.

I just noticed that on today's date, my oldest daughter was celebrating her third birthday, as we watched the televised programming of the state funeral of President John F. Kennedy, complete with the salute by John John and seeing all the national and international dignitaries who had come to pay their respects to Mrs. Kennedy and the Kennedy family.

We have a granddaughter who, in about a week, will be 21 years old. Hers was also an excited birth watch. When we stop to consider, then I believe anyone would be hardpressed to believe that life/birth does not begin at conception. It is a proven fact that many women and men are deceived. Life is life at whatever stage we detect it. To any who might give thought to terminating that life (aka abort), I am here to tell you that, if you do, in the years to come, you will regret it and mourn that loss of what would, should, could have been. Don't do it.

May God give you strength and peace.

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