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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Shannon and Her Cinnamon Bun

Oh, here's a funny one. Yesterday. I had a leftover cinnamon bun, but I just took it with me just in case. Everyone was "coveting" my roll. The one guy even picked it up. Granted it was in a container, but you just DON'T touch other people's food. Well, I made a decent enough threat and told him to stop coveting my food and told him that he ALWAYS does. So, thru the day a couple others started coveting as well. Today, they made mention of it and I just told them, "Look. I'm a true American. We DON'T negotiate with terrorists....and I DON'T give in to covetors."

That's the classic line for the century.

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Monday, January 23, 2006

Clothes for Shannon and Hannah

Thank you so much for coming and showing me Hannah's new outfits and blanket. She's going to be spoiled and it means a lot to me that you've taken the time to pick up the crocheting needle and do that. It's something you are good at and haven't done in FOREVER and I know that getting back into something, takes much energy and thought, because it's always "Where do I start?" Joe called and I told him about it and he's anxious to see everything.

'Nita and I went to Old Navy and I got some new outfits. Mostly pants, since I have so many tops to wear. Even better, I didn't spend nearly as much as I thought I would and I got a lot.

Well, We're going to eat a little something and relax with our feet up. I have to say "our", because I think Hannah will get upset if I make her not feel included in this little partnership.

O.K. Well, more later
Love, Hugs, Kisses
Shannon and Hannah

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Friday, January 13, 2006

Adventures of Hannah Farming


O.K. I sent the pics to Joe so that he will be the first to see his little one's face. You, my family, are now the second to see Hannah's face. I know...Usually you get to see the sonos that you get to imagine what the face REALLY looks like, but...Yesterday, I had a high-risk sono. I think I told you and everything was fine. The technician has a soft spot for service members (especially those missing their children becoming people) so she did some 3D photos.

So, to you....HERE SHE IS!!!!
Hannah Miranda Houser's first 3D sonogram pictures.

I hope they're clear enough for you to see, but I think you will. Her little hands are perfect...10 fingers and 10 toes evenly distributed between 2 hands and 2 feet. Doesn't it just make you love her more? I know it does for me. Initially, being pregnant, I was of course SHOCKED, scared, angry even, happy, confused...yes, confused..."How'd this happen?" Confused....Don't answer that. I know all about sharing water glasses and toilets....Duh? 8^D. The anger, was from the fear of me and Joe not having alone "us" time, the big deployment money, unnecessarily HUGE wedding...Seeing her first sonograms with a silhouette of her face and her hands and feet and watching her move about wondering, "What the hell is my baby doing?" and "What is she thinking?", was amazing. It was stimulating.

Finding out she is "a Hannah" made me instantly fall in love with her and feel closer to her. (Yes, I wanted a girl first). BUT!!! Seeing her face in this 3D sono...I melted completely. I felt EVERY bit of love for her that I knew I would when she decides to come. I feel like I know her. It was the first time I saw her sleeping, because usually she's dancing around. Well, I love her and I know you all do, too, and are as anxious as I am to meet her. I hope that my sending you these pictures brings you closer to me and Hannah and that it helps those of you who are not near to be a part of "The Adventures of Hannah Farming."

Shannon and Hannah

[Note: Those pics are incredible. Email and we will send them along.]

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News From the Hannah Farm

Good day to all,

Sorry about the mass message (you may also get it again, via my aol, but I'll send the family mass on it's own.), but I had my "high risk pregnancy sono" yesterday. It was actually a boost of something good that I needed to pick me up, if only for a moment. I think the story will pick you up too...Maybe?

Everything was fine with the sono. Teddy brought me Sudafed yesterday (non-drowsy), but it didn't really help so much, so I got the Sudafed Cold, which knocked me out (well, Kquiana went for it), AND Hannah as well. She's still sleep.(this was last night after the sono). She was sleep earlier when I got the sono (first time I saw her sleep.). It was SO cute. Precious even. It made me love her more; the sono yesterday. Everything was o.k. What it was that they were looking at was a "venous link" n(maybe it's a "venous leak"? Basically, the technician said that the placenta doesn't all work (it's only a portion that does anything). A small portion of the placenta is sectioned off and either died off or just is there. She said it's such a small portion that it's nothing. I liked the technician. She said also that there were the fibroids...Someone's stirring grogally a bit as I type (I won't name names, but it sounds like Banana)...Anyway. She also said that there were the small fibroids and the one that's 2 inches. She said, that the problem with that would have been if Hannah would have implanted into that, or if it were inside the uterus, I think she said. But none of those are factors, so...We're good and Hannah looks great.

Looking at the sono was funny. Hannah was sleep, so she wasn't playing like usual and it was easier to get pictures. Her feet are up by my ribs and she was kicking the umbilical cord, like, "This place isn't big enough for the two of us." She was so sleepy. She sleeps with her hands over her face crossed. The technician confirmed again that she's a Hannah, because she got a CLEAR shot of her boo boo, which is pressed up on my belly button. That was funny to see her little butt. I just wanted to pinch it. Then, We saw her organs and bones. She's so shapely. Her Jane Fonda workouts are really doing the trick. (I say that, because in the sono at the hospital she was crisscrossing her arms and we caught her doing a drive by thumb suck. I think she knew she'd been discovered, so she quickly removed it and whistled it off.)

Well, the best part is when the technician was finished doing the checking that she needed to. (Hannah's heart beat is 140. Guess that's a wives tale WE can put stock in, huh?). Well, when the tech finished she said, "O.K. DON'T TELL ANYONE OUTSIDE THIS OFFICE. (In the waiting room), ...But now we're going to play." She has an appreciation for our service members and because I told her that I video tape or get as many pictures for Joe, she cut us a solid. We couldn't video tape, but...Well, Joe and I talked about doing the 3D sono. She did it. It was amazing and I WISH Joe were there. I wish everyone could have been there. I saw Hannah's face and it's beautiful. Kquiana was with me and was just as amazed. She was knocked out and her hands were crossed in front of her face, so the mommy person had to harass the baby for a bit. It was like she was going, "No...No pictures at this time. Please, No pictures at this time." I jiggled her saying, "Say Hi to the mommy person. Com'mon Hannah. Say hi to the mommy person." And, "Say Hi to the daddy person. He'd REALLY like you to say hi to him. Say hi..." Kquiana teased that she was going to get shaken baby syndrome. She probably got aggravated a bit and she moved her arms. Her face is perfect and precious. I think she has Joe's nose. Her eyes were closed of course and at a point, I think she pursed her lips. The technician printed out 4 pics for us and they're beautiful. There's a pic, where, you know when you take your baby for pictures and they put their hands together by the side of their face? Like they're going, "See how cute I am?" She did that. Not even on purpose, but it's adorable. It really makes a difference seeing her face and KNOWING how beautiful she is, as opposed to wondering from the fuzzy sono. I nearly blew tears. She's a real person. A REAL HANNAH. She's gone from a little Peppercorn to a Hannah.

Well, this was yet another saga in "Adventures in Hannah Growing" and you heard it first, straight from the "Hannah Farm."

I hope everyone's day is joyous.

Shannon and Hannah

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Sunday, January 08, 2006

Hannah's Big Jar of Blessings

Leave it to Shannon!

Yesterday, Dorian and I visited Shannon. She was on the line with Joe's Aunt from Nebraska, and I got to meet her. Nice. I was also pleasantly surprised to find she had set us a fundraiser for Hannah's sake. That is, Shannon brought out a large jar from Hannah's room to show me she has started a fund for Hannah. I was immediately impressed to put some money into the jar. I also tried talking Shannon into leaving the jar out so visitors could see it. I know they would also be led to add to it. In no time, she would have to bring out another jar (and it is pretty large).

No way. Couldn't talk Shannon into placing that jar in the living room in plain view. Well, I'll just pray for her to change her mind. How about that! :-) No, really!

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Saturday, January 07, 2006

Sandrine Visits Che' And Hannah

Thanks going out to Sandrine for visiting Che' and staying to help her and Hannah. What a long-time friend she has been to Shannon, also!

Shannon has been blessed to have gathered such a wide array of friendships at home and abroad through both her national and international travels and her friends' reciprocal visits here to see her.

Hannah is having a great time learning about the world. She is going to be saturated in different languages, cultures, lands, and musics, by the time she makes her physical appearance. And that won't be too much longer --- just a few more months now. Look out world! A long-awaited and welcomed change is a comin'! Thank you, Jesus! I guess you can tell we are all excited and eagerly await her presence!

Continuing in prayer for Che' and Joe. Joe, if you are reading this, don't worry, Shannon is in good hands --- but we'll look forward to your return. Be well. Take care.

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Friday, January 06, 2006

Hannah's Clothes Closet Revealed

Thought maybe you could get a kick out of this one. I've run a muck with getting SOCKS for Hannah. Socks and Mittens. Here are a couple of the little things that I've gotten for her. She has STUFF!!!! The ducky socks have matching mittens and there are a pair of pink socks like the white and pink ones. They're about the size of my pinky. The duckies were inspired from the ducky that Joe's dad sent. And the outfits are covered in WINNIE THE POOH!!!! Or characters there of.

O.K. Well, I have to get rest, because I'm not feeling so very hot. -Che'

[If anybody wants to see Hannah's closet and STUFF, email and we'll send the pics.]

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