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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Hannah at 7 Months-Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving has come and gone and Hannah had her first taste of family gathering and table laden down with all kinds of great food prepared and shared by my sister, Pat, and her daughter, Shelly and her children for the family.

Oh, Hannah did not get to taste the turkey or ham or sweet potatoe and corn pudding and ..... oh I'm putting on weight just thinking about that feast! Anyhow, to continue about Hannah! She is crawling all around and making every effort to pull herself up to stand. She says, "Da Da." She says, "Hi!" and waves (I think it's because so many people who see her can't resist getting close in her face and saying, "HIIIIIIII!!" with a loud pitch (as we do with infants). :-) So, Hannah has that sound and knows when to use it, too.

Christmas is around the corner (literally next door). And, Hannah is closer to being 8 months old (January 2, 2007). Her granddad, John, (Joe's father) will be here in Maryland to celebrate Christmas with Shannon, Joe, and Hannah and the rest of the family this side of the midwest!

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