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Saturday, November 11, 2006

Hannah Is Musical - 6 mos.

Hannah is now six months old (on Nov. 2, 2006). We babysat her Friday and what a blessing that was. She loves to stand up and now she releases one hand. She is also
taking steps. She crawls and sits up. She is very attentive and she has an ear for
music. This is what I want to share.

Last night (Friday), I sat at my piano with her on my lap and she began to play the piano. I don't mean that she banged on it in a haphazard way. It was with deliberation and squarely on black keys and white keys, in turn. She played with her right hand and her left hand. My only regret was that I had not thought to bring out my tape recorder, because this granddaughter was really unbelievable.

Hannah even rose from my lap to literally stroke the music book I had open on the piano ledge. I couldn't believe it! Than she sat back down and played the piano. She rose again for a closer look at the music book on the ledge and she even tried to turn the page. I don't mean that she slapped at the page or tried to tear it. She knew what she was doing! And, when I turned the page where her finger was, the song on that page was, "The Wind Beneath My Wings." Then she sat back down on my lap and her fingers moved so fast along the piano keyboard ---- but her fingers were hitting the notes on key! She was hitting the white keys between the black keys (while she had turned to look at my son who had come to see what was going on). And, then, to test her, I pressed a key. And she watched, waited, and pressed the key. This is not my imagination. I was there.

I know her parents do not have a piano and that was only the second time I had sat with her at the piano. The first time was when she was about one month or two months old and she surprised me by plunking the keys --- one, a couple of times.

Later, Friday, when I took her back into the den, she picked up my Bible (from among other books that I had lying on the sofa). She turned it the right way (not upside down). And I watched as she opened the Bible cover and turned the pages. She is a blessed child!

Children are blessings from God and must be protected even from the womb. Some of you may recall how we talked to and about Hannah even while she was in my daughter's womb. I had even written and recorded several lullabys and played them on the piano for Hannah (i.e., "Hannah's Lullaby," "God's Little Angel Chile' ," etc.). She already knew us.

Abortionists are wrong! A baby is a baby from conception and that baby is not "material." That baby is not just a fetus. That baby is a precious human who can feel, love, hear, speak, eat, sleep, kick, grow, speak, and KNOW GOD! That baby can speak, because in God, we do not talk with our mouths. We talk to Him with our spirit. And He hears.

"Train up a child in the way it should go and when it is old it shall not depart from it." Remember this! Little Children Can Pray, Too.

Thanks for letting me share with you.

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