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Saturday, December 31, 2005

A Cute Story (and response)

So, I was watching Maternity Ward on Discovery Health. They showed a preemy born at 6 months gestation. The mom already was messed up on the inside, because her uterus was split in two more or less, so she kind of had two uteruses and the baby really didn't have room. So, they had to deliver him. He was So little and didn't even look like a real person. I go, "See, Hannah? That's a you. That's why you have to stay in a little while longer, because you're not finished baking." Yeah. She's in the baby oven and I had to explain that if she comes out early then she'll have to go in an artificial baby oven to finish baking." I think she understood.

MA's Response
Guess what, Che'? I saw those same programs earlier today and, at that particular segment, I was thinking the same thing. I'm glad to know how you responded to it, when you saw it. At the time, I had thought you wouldn't want to be anywhere near those programs. I was wrong.

Oh by the way, the names of those books I picked up for you today are: (1) "Infant Massage: A Handbook for Loving Parents," by Vimala Schneider McClure; (2) "Sign With Your Baby: How to communicate with your infant before they can speak," by Joseph Garcia with Forward by Dr. Burton White; (3) "My Child Won't Do As I Say," by Polly Greenberg; and (4) "Children and Their Mothers," an international pictorial by Hanns Reich.

So, on to the blog we go, MA!

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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Picture THIS!

This is the way I described it for Joe's folks:

Here are a couple pix that I took for Joe, but I think you could use the laugh. You can see some of our lovely abode in the first picture and the GROWING POOF!!! The second picture is Hannah (w/me looking down). I noticed that she had traveled to the left mommy hemisphere for vacation so I laid on my back and decided that Joe would love this one. Then the brilliant thinker that I am....wink, I decided it would be cool to take a picture from the bottom looking up. I think that one is just funny, because I'm peering over like, "Hello...Can you see me?" I really didn't think that I was that big, but I guess I know better now.

O.K. Hope you have a great evening.

P.S. That picture she described is soo funny! If anybody wants to see it, just email and we'll send it along.

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Monday, December 26, 2005

Hannah and Che' Write to Joe

21DEC05 -- I’m in our apartment now, but it’s lonely. I’ve been by myself before and was used to it, but now it just seems lonely. The place is empty. Before I would have been SO excited to be in a place so large and by myself, but it’s like there’s much missing, starting with Joe… Then I get to imagine Hannah running around….O.K. Well, she won’t be big enough to run around there, but the thought is still cute. It’s easy to cry myself to sleep for being so lonely and for missing Joe and for wanting him to be here to see what home I’ve begun. And so that he can see me getting rounder. I know that him being here would take away from the self-consiousness and the loneliness. Well, hopefully not much longer and he‘ll be home. Just the way he left.

Oh. Here’s the stupid quote of the day:

I was getting up from a chair and I have to kind of heeve myself (because the little person likes to sit in my pelvis). Otherwise her head puts pressure on me. One of the guys (who’s prone to say stupid things and think he’s brilliant) says, “Oh, com’mon!! You’re not even big enough to have to rock yourself up, yet.” He was dead serious. I held in my offense, but it’s like, "Hey Dumbass!! Think about what comes out of your teeth before you spit it."

Here’s something pretty cute. We had a Christmas party at work. I must be pregnant, because even with two plates, I was quite bold. I put my fried chicken and roast beef on my plate with my cheese cake, sweet potato pie, and yams. AND my other food. Yeah. It all touched. Anyway. They had live music there and someone… whose name happens to be Hannah, I believe enjoyed the music. She started thumping. All I could do is sit and laugh, because I know it was triggered by the music. I can’t wait for Joe to see my belly thump, because of Hannah’s excitement. I think she’ll know when he’s home. She thumps when he calls and I’m talking to him, and she’s thumping right now. We’re going to go take a nice bath and write a letter to Joe.

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Hannah's My Little Twinkie

19DEC05 -- I had my doctor’s appointment today. I’m up to 124lbs. That’s a 12 lb gain from when I started. OH NO!!!! How am I going to fit my ass into normal people chairs?! (Just kidding. It’s ALL in my belly AND THE BOOBIES!!!!) Kquiana went with me and was able to video the heartbeat which is at 145 beats/minute. It was funny, because one could hear my beat in there as well. It sounded like a well-tuned rhythm station. I go, “My baby has rhythm!!” When I told Joe, of course he said, “…And she gets that from her mother.” tee hee hee.

Well, as for the sonogram taken on the 7th…. So far everything’s fine, but Misty (the midwife) said that there’s a vein that’s grown and she’d like for me to get it checked at University of Maryland or John’s Hopkins. I’m going to the U of M on the 12th of JAN. I just wish that Joe were here to go with me. I’m not worrying, BUT it would make it easier. I’m lucky though, because I have friends and family who make sure that I’m not alone. Well, I asked if it’ll make our baby retarded and Misty said no, but she wants it checked to make sure it doesn’t grow and cause trouble and that she wants to make sure nothing else needs to be done. I’m glad that she’s not the type to get a patient all worked up. I can’t handle that right now. Misty said that Hannah’s about 16 cm and she showed me on the tape measure. She said that she’s folded in half, so she’s about the size of a “twinkie”. How cute is that? My little twinkie.

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'Raina Goes Home

18DEC05 -- Today ‘Raina and I went to the storage to finish getting the last little bit and to close out the account. The lady there is excited about Hannah and requested that we bring her by when she comes. I will.

'Raina headed out today and called in the evening. Again, I am SO fortunate to have her.

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Uraina Comes to Town

17DEC05 -- Uraina drove down this morning. Am I EVER so fortunate to have friends like her. She drove down from Philly just to help me get things in order. The minute she walked in, she asked, “What do you need me to do?” I expected that she would help me hang clothes and that, but she arranged my living room, did laundry, and took boxes to the dumpster. She also organized the BIG trunks in the den so that I could get to what I need to and so that it’s neat. As well, she made it so that we could go thru each tub and get out what I needed. This included bedding and kitchen/cookware. AND SHE WAS STILL READY FOR MORE!! She encouraged me to sit and put my feet up, but I’m hard headed and by the end of the day, my legs swelled and I had to sleep with my feet up. We had dinner at the Kawasaki Restaurant in Fells Point, then went grocery shopping on the way home. She carried in about 9/10ths of the groceries. What would I do without her? Now the place is nice and comfortable and there are only the small things that need to be done. Joe’s bathroom also has appeal to it. He’ll be happy to see what his home looks like. SO WILL HANNAH!! Joe had called shortly after ‘Raina got here. I had previously warned her that when she meets him, he will thank her numerous times. I put her on the phone with him and sure enough she was finger counting how many times he thanked her. It was about 3 in the space of less than a minute. I love him and she could tell how genuine he is. Oh yeah. ‘Raina even made my high heel shoe chairs work in the living room. Is that magic OR WHAT!!??

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Che's Moving Day Recap

16DEC05 -- Today I moved into our new apartment. It’s BEAUTIFUL!! It’s a two bedroom, two bathroom, with den. O.K. The den is more like a storage for now, but it’s all right. Later it will be an office or an extra guest room. Hannah even has a room. WITH STUFF!! I think she’s excited about that. She has clothes in her closet and other little things. Winnie the Pooh rulz!! Kquiana helped me pack things last night AND BOY WHAT A HELP. She wouldn’t let me touch anything. Well, Clarissa came and sat with me while the movers did their thing. They started at 1700 and were finished at 0100. They were late, because of their boss’ inability to schedule, but…they were quick and very nice and gave well wishes to me and Joe and Hannah. Unfortunately, the busy bee that I am, I learned a hard lesson. Even though I am quite little, all of my extra weight is in my belly. Well, I was on my feet all day and night trying to get work out of the way so I wouldn’t look at it later going, “What am I suppose to do with this?!” Well, it took its toll to the point that I couldn’t walk too well. I got pain in the abdomen, the back, and the legs…It was treacherous, but I couldn’t stop. I want everything perfect for when Joe’s home.

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Saturday, December 17, 2005

Moving Day Is Done

Shannon and Little Miss Hannah moved into their new place on Friday, December 16, 2005. She had the help of a professional mover and great friends who came over and helped her where they left off. She has received loving encouragement from Joe. And she is doing all she can to help him to be a part of the "pregnant pause," while he is deployed. Che' told me Joe said some of the men whose wives are expecting also are having girls. And they are all just as excited about the upcoming births.

Of course, we had hoped she would wait a little while longer before she moved but once she makes up her mind to do something, you can be sure she is going to follow through to get it done.

(Here's an example about how goal oriented Che' is) --
When Che' was about four years old or so, she started a coin jar and pasted a label on it that it was her college fund. She also wrote that nobody was to take anything out of it, because she was going to count it every week (and she did, too). Well, she did grow up and go on to graduate from college. Thing is ---- I still have that jar with the label still pasted on it --- and it is heavy, too.

Whenever you set your sights on a goal, make them high, because you have already taken a flying leap of faith and God knows He is standing by to get it done.

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Monday, December 12, 2005

Moving On. . .

I'll be moving in Wednesday and the phone will be on (at our new place). I have some friends who are coming to help set things up. One of them is coming from Philly (Hopefully, she'll be able to come. I haven't seen her in a couple years.) Though I'll be in the place by myself, I won't really be. I'll probably have to unplug the phone for everyone calling to check, if we're all right.

So, here's a cute story to add to the e-mail. I guess it's cute, but in the same light wierd. So....Last night, I was lying on my back watching T.V. I noticed that the left side of my belly was lopsided. There was a big knot so I felt it. Someone...who will remain nameless less I cause embarrassment, was balled up. I guess the little person decided to travel to that side of the mommy hemisphere and got tuckered out and fell asleep. It was like a little grapefruit that I just cupped into my hand. Hopefully, I'll be able to entice the little one, by rubbing, to stay there or the right side as oppose to on my sciatic nerve as was the case all weekend. As well, I think someone is highly light sensitive. I'll feel little kicks and punches and I'll put my hand on it, because it feels funny. Well, I'll lift my waist band so that I can see my belly jump, BUT the little jokester, knows I'm watching, because the light comes in and STOPS!!!! WHO DOES THAT!!?? Then when I replace my waistband...THE THUMPING RESUMES!! Like, "I'm SO SORRY for interrupting your games!! I'm a BAD Mommy!" O.K. We have an appointment Monday the 19th, and I'm sure there will be more stories to tell... Shannon.

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Sunday, December 11, 2005

In Her Own Language

My daughter's response to my last blog post follows:

That's nice. I like how you drew the suspense. That's cute.

I must add though so all the info is correct...

It's "Che'"

[I knew that, but I wasn't sure she wanted me to disclose it, so I shortened her real name instead of her nickname --- to be used only by certain selected people.]

[Che' continues with her comments to me, as follows,]

(and I wasn't the one who couldn't wait to open the envelop, because I didn't want to.) I REALLY didn't want to. I couldn't. But, Joe (and the guys he's deployed with) HAD to know. He even suggested that I give it to some stranger to open and e-mail to him, OR for me to send it to him so he could tell me. I would have been happy to just go ahead calling the baby "Her" until told otherwise all the way til the birthday.

LHK [that is her way of saying, "Love, Hugs, and Kisses"]

[Then Che' sent me another followup response -- I sure hope I'm not letting too much out of the bag. But, if I am, I KNOW she will tell me. Until then, we got a whole lotta bloggin' goin' on. Read on for the first announcement of the baby's name. ] /MA!


Here's the message I sent to everyone:

No questions. IT'S A GIRL!!! O.K. I know I'm pretty sick with all of these e-mails, but...Cousin opened the envelop and e-mailed it to Joe. BUT as soon as she hit the send button, the phone rang and it was him, so she told him on the phone. He then told me. So... On or about 07MAY06 . . . who should be joining us?

Little Miss Hannah Miranda Houser

This message is shorter than the last, I figure I'll spare you the pain of the continued reading, but...That was definitely one to share....

[Be sure you mark that date.]

As always, Best wishes!

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And the Envelope Pulleeze!

After Sha's sonogram last Friday evening, she asked the sonographer to place in a sealed envelope what she thought the baby's gender is. With envelope in hand that Sha marked, "The Magic Moment," she headed for home content to wait until after Joe came home. Well, Saturday afternoon, Sha couldn't wait any longer. So she had her cousin, Jennifer, unseal the answer and to email it to Joe ---- of course, by now, Sha also knew. So --- Ladies and Gentlemen, and children of all ages ---

The Envelope, Pulleeze!

No, I don't think I want to let you in on it.
Well, o.k.

The answer IS ------- (drum roll, please).

o.k. -- o.k. I'll tell you.

Later on.

Are you still here? o.k.

Sha is carrying A Little GIRL!

She said, Joe told her, "Now I have two little princesses. I guess I have to buy a shotgun (to keep away the boys)."

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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Womb Update!

Below is the e-mail that I (SHA) sent out to let everyone know about the little new person. Joe's mom actually sent a really nice e-mail response. Gotta keep everyone up to date on the adventures of growing a new person.

I messed up and found out what we're having. I just couldn't help but notice. We're having a little Black Panther. I say this, because when the technician first got a view, her arm was up and aparently she likes to keep it by her head. I thought maybe she's a thumb sucker, but she wasn't at the time. Well, later I said, "Is that your little hand?" The technician said that it is and that she was making a fist by her head. I'm waiting to hear Joe go, "Power to the People!"

Our baby is 10 oz. now, but I forgot to ask how long. Confirmed 19 weeks (as we already knew). Our little one made little punches while getting the pics (and after I finished our red, white, and blue icee pop). Notice I refer to our little one as "she" still until I find out otherwise. Anyway. The growing new person has all 10 fingers and 10 toes and little ears like ours. The nose has a wonderful little slope like Joe and I both have. The technician said her legs were crossed, so of course I said, "It must be a girl." It's funny, because the new person was flouncing about and I was right. The head is down. I've felt the little golf ball head and she likes to hang out REALLY low. Don't know why.

I couldn't video the sonogram, because they don't allow it (legal reasons). I was SO destroyed, but the technician made sure to print TONS of pictures for us. So I have a couple that I'll send to Joe, because she did them in two's. Once I get into our new apartment this month, I'll scan pics and send them out via e-mail.

We got pictures of the little foot and a front and a profile of the face. It's funny, because she got a great picture of the bottom of the foot. I WISH SO MUCH THAT JOE WAS THERE...I could just laugh. The little hands and feet are about as big as my thumb nail.

She has a perfect little face, which it's suprising that one can tell. She has little ears like me and Joe, and a slope nose. AND A BIG BWAIN!!!! SHE'S GONNA BE A THINKER!!!!

Well, I'm sorry I had to mass mail this one; but, as you see it was a lot to write, so I just took all the addresses I have and dropped you a line.

O.K. Well, I hope that everyone is well,and Our little new person says HUH-WOAH!!!


P.S. Don't be bashful. comment. Tell us what you think. Thanks.

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Friday, December 02, 2005

Pregnancy-Chicken Pox


Pregnant women be alert to others with whom you associate during your pregnancy -- especially during the first weeks of gestation. Chicken pox is still around. And it remains a danger to expectant mothers and their babies. Even newborns ought not be exposed to this infection. If you find yourself in such a situation, get in touch with your doctor(s) to seek their medical opinion. Conduct an online search to read for yourself as much information as you can. I like to search via . You do not have to use this link but follow through immediately. It is just that important!

My faith-filled prayers are joining with yours. God bless you and yours.

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