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Monday, March 27, 2006

Hannah M. Houser's Day!

For those who were unable to attend because of distance and illnesses and other reasons, I want you to know your presence was felt among us Sunday (March 26th). And all of you were remembered in prayer during the Hannah Shower given for the proud parents. We had a wonderful time. Can't say enough about it. Many of their friends came from across the country both near and far. Many more gifts came with them.

Shannon and Joe were pleased with the shower, which was hosted by longtime friends, Jennifer (Buffy), her mom, Jennifer (Ginger), and Kavita.

Shannon's family and friends gathered around to ooh and ahh during the time the gifts were opened. Sha's big sister, Gail, was volunteered (happily) to record the gifts. Thank you notes are up coming ahead. Gratitude is in order for all who helped make this a very special occasion. Special thanks for Shannon's girlfriends who have been with her through ventures in high school, college, and the military. They are special, indeed. Oh, did I mention that this baby shower included females and males? Yes, Shannon's idea. It was a great one, too. Needs to happen more often out there.

The surroundings were beautiful and serene and the food was plentiful and delicious. The cupcakes had "H's" on the frosting (for Hannah, of course). Quite a few of Sha's friends got to "reach out and touch" Hannah. And Shannon "showed" her the gifts and let her hear the musical ones. No, really! :-)

While Shannon and Joe opened the presents, we played the tape recording of my original musical composition that I played and dedicated to Little Miss Hannah. She has a whole lot of family and friends eager to meet her in person. The joyful occasion ended with a prayer circle led by my friend and clergy colleague, Rev. Dr. Lillian A. Davies-Joyner. A blessed time was had by all.

We can't wait to be with all of you again. And we know you can't wait to see Shannon and Joe in person, when they come to visit where you are. You are not forgotten. We want to thank you for letting us share Joe with you. He is a fine young man and all who meet him love him as much as we do.

God bless all,
Shannon and Joe's MA and Pop

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Sunday, March 12, 2006

The Hannah Shower Update

Invitations sent out for The Hannah Shower in Columbia, MD.
Date: March 26, 2006
Time: 2 to 5 P.M.
Place: Email for directions.

The Happy Couple are registered at: BabiesRUs and Target.

Questions? Call me. 410-371-1459.

Women and Men will be there. It's a family affair!
Oh, btw, Little Miss Hannah will be there, too! :-)

Planned and Hosted by: Miss Jennifer Rawley and
Friends of Shannon and Joe.

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Sumptuous Thanks -- ShaJoe

What a time. What a time.

Joe and Shannon shared a sumptuous "Thank you meal" with all twelve (12) of us who could come. They hosted us at the Marrakesh Restaurant in Washington, D.C. on Saturday night. We were served a seven-course meal, as we sat around low tables. Let's see if I can remember, because we were so stuffed on our way back home. Imagine how much moreso we would have been, if we had knives and forks!:-) But the food was so tender, it just fell away from the bones. The sauces were sweet and tasty. When I say, "platters," I mean it.

The meal began with the waiter bringing out hot water w/olive oil and poured it out to wash our hands and gave w/towels for us to dry them right there at the table.

1. We started with drinks (soft - hot and cold), bread and cold vegetable salads.
2. The waiters brought out platters with chicken and eggs covered with a paper thin layer of filo dough, crushed nuts, and covered with powdered sugar.
3. Next came platters of whole chickens with olives, lemons, and almonds.

Then the lights went out, the music went up, and a belly dancer appeared.
It was all clean and tasteful (as it goes). Cultural and entertaining.

Then, the lights went back to "half mast," and --

4. Next came platters of succulent lamb w/honey sauce and beef kabobs on a stick.
5. Next came the platters of cous cous with raisins.
6. Next came bowls of various fresh fruits and walnuts, w/glasses of hot mint tea.

Last but not least came --
7. The delicious filo-dough pastry filled with tiny crushed nuts and honey! (you know what I mean).

Friends and family alike came from New Jersey and Baltimore (oh, and Columbia,MD).

Thank you, Joe and Shannon!
From all of your family and friends.

(To those who were not able to be physically present ---- you were there, too.)

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