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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Womb Update!

Below is the e-mail that I (SHA) sent out to let everyone know about the little new person. Joe's mom actually sent a really nice e-mail response. Gotta keep everyone up to date on the adventures of growing a new person.

I messed up and found out what we're having. I just couldn't help but notice. We're having a little Black Panther. I say this, because when the technician first got a view, her arm was up and aparently she likes to keep it by her head. I thought maybe she's a thumb sucker, but she wasn't at the time. Well, later I said, "Is that your little hand?" The technician said that it is and that she was making a fist by her head. I'm waiting to hear Joe go, "Power to the People!"

Our baby is 10 oz. now, but I forgot to ask how long. Confirmed 19 weeks (as we already knew). Our little one made little punches while getting the pics (and after I finished our red, white, and blue icee pop). Notice I refer to our little one as "she" still until I find out otherwise. Anyway. The growing new person has all 10 fingers and 10 toes and little ears like ours. The nose has a wonderful little slope like Joe and I both have. The technician said her legs were crossed, so of course I said, "It must be a girl." It's funny, because the new person was flouncing about and I was right. The head is down. I've felt the little golf ball head and she likes to hang out REALLY low. Don't know why.

I couldn't video the sonogram, because they don't allow it (legal reasons). I was SO destroyed, but the technician made sure to print TONS of pictures for us. So I have a couple that I'll send to Joe, because she did them in two's. Once I get into our new apartment this month, I'll scan pics and send them out via e-mail.

We got pictures of the little foot and a front and a profile of the face. It's funny, because she got a great picture of the bottom of the foot. I WISH SO MUCH THAT JOE WAS THERE...I could just laugh. The little hands and feet are about as big as my thumb nail.

She has a perfect little face, which it's suprising that one can tell. She has little ears like me and Joe, and a slope nose. AND A BIG BWAIN!!!! SHE'S GONNA BE A THINKER!!!!

Well, I'm sorry I had to mass mail this one; but, as you see it was a lot to write, so I just took all the addresses I have and dropped you a line.

O.K. Well, I hope that everyone is well,and Our little new person says HUH-WOAH!!!


P.S. Don't be bashful. comment. Tell us what you think. Thanks.

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