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Sunday, December 11, 2005

In Her Own Language

My daughter's response to my last blog post follows:

That's nice. I like how you drew the suspense. That's cute.

I must add though so all the info is correct...

It's "Che'"

[I knew that, but I wasn't sure she wanted me to disclose it, so I shortened her real name instead of her nickname --- to be used only by certain selected people.]

[Che' continues with her comments to me, as follows,]

(and I wasn't the one who couldn't wait to open the envelop, because I didn't want to.) I REALLY didn't want to. I couldn't. But, Joe (and the guys he's deployed with) HAD to know. He even suggested that I give it to some stranger to open and e-mail to him, OR for me to send it to him so he could tell me. I would have been happy to just go ahead calling the baby "Her" until told otherwise all the way til the birthday.

LHK [that is her way of saying, "Love, Hugs, and Kisses"]

[Then Che' sent me another followup response -- I sure hope I'm not letting too much out of the bag. But, if I am, I KNOW she will tell me. Until then, we got a whole lotta bloggin' goin' on. Read on for the first announcement of the baby's name. ] /MA!


Here's the message I sent to everyone:

No questions. IT'S A GIRL!!! O.K. I know I'm pretty sick with all of these e-mails, but...Cousin opened the envelop and e-mailed it to Joe. BUT as soon as she hit the send button, the phone rang and it was him, so she told him on the phone. He then told me. So... On or about 07MAY06 . . . who should be joining us?

Little Miss Hannah Miranda Houser

This message is shorter than the last, I figure I'll spare you the pain of the continued reading, but...That was definitely one to share....

[Be sure you mark that date.]

As always, Best wishes!

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