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Monday, December 12, 2005

Moving On. . .

I'll be moving in Wednesday and the phone will be on (at our new place). I have some friends who are coming to help set things up. One of them is coming from Philly (Hopefully, she'll be able to come. I haven't seen her in a couple years.) Though I'll be in the place by myself, I won't really be. I'll probably have to unplug the phone for everyone calling to check, if we're all right.

So, here's a cute story to add to the e-mail. I guess it's cute, but in the same light wierd. So....Last night, I was lying on my back watching T.V. I noticed that the left side of my belly was lopsided. There was a big knot so I felt it. Someone...who will remain nameless less I cause embarrassment, was balled up. I guess the little person decided to travel to that side of the mommy hemisphere and got tuckered out and fell asleep. It was like a little grapefruit that I just cupped into my hand. Hopefully, I'll be able to entice the little one, by rubbing, to stay there or the right side as oppose to on my sciatic nerve as was the case all weekend. As well, I think someone is highly light sensitive. I'll feel little kicks and punches and I'll put my hand on it, because it feels funny. Well, I'll lift my waist band so that I can see my belly jump, BUT the little jokester, knows I'm watching, because the light comes in and STOPS!!!! WHO DOES THAT!!?? Then when I replace my waistband...THE THUMPING RESUMES!! Like, "I'm SO SORRY for interrupting your games!! I'm a BAD Mommy!" O.K. We have an appointment Monday the 19th, and I'm sure there will be more stories to tell... Shannon.

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