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Monday, December 26, 2005

Che's Moving Day Recap

16DEC05 -- Today I moved into our new apartment. It’s BEAUTIFUL!! It’s a two bedroom, two bathroom, with den. O.K. The den is more like a storage for now, but it’s all right. Later it will be an office or an extra guest room. Hannah even has a room. WITH STUFF!! I think she’s excited about that. She has clothes in her closet and other little things. Winnie the Pooh rulz!! Kquiana helped me pack things last night AND BOY WHAT A HELP. She wouldn’t let me touch anything. Well, Clarissa came and sat with me while the movers did their thing. They started at 1700 and were finished at 0100. They were late, because of their boss’ inability to schedule, but…they were quick and very nice and gave well wishes to me and Joe and Hannah. Unfortunately, the busy bee that I am, I learned a hard lesson. Even though I am quite little, all of my extra weight is in my belly. Well, I was on my feet all day and night trying to get work out of the way so I wouldn’t look at it later going, “What am I suppose to do with this?!” Well, it took its toll to the point that I couldn’t walk too well. I got pain in the abdomen, the back, and the legs…It was treacherous, but I couldn’t stop. I want everything perfect for when Joe’s home.

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