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Monday, December 26, 2005

Uraina Comes to Town

17DEC05 -- Uraina drove down this morning. Am I EVER so fortunate to have friends like her. She drove down from Philly just to help me get things in order. The minute she walked in, she asked, “What do you need me to do?” I expected that she would help me hang clothes and that, but she arranged my living room, did laundry, and took boxes to the dumpster. She also organized the BIG trunks in the den so that I could get to what I need to and so that it’s neat. As well, she made it so that we could go thru each tub and get out what I needed. This included bedding and kitchen/cookware. AND SHE WAS STILL READY FOR MORE!! She encouraged me to sit and put my feet up, but I’m hard headed and by the end of the day, my legs swelled and I had to sleep with my feet up. We had dinner at the Kawasaki Restaurant in Fells Point, then went grocery shopping on the way home. She carried in about 9/10ths of the groceries. What would I do without her? Now the place is nice and comfortable and there are only the small things that need to be done. Joe’s bathroom also has appeal to it. He’ll be happy to see what his home looks like. SO WILL HANNAH!! Joe had called shortly after ‘Raina got here. I had previously warned her that when she meets him, he will thank her numerous times. I put her on the phone with him and sure enough she was finger counting how many times he thanked her. It was about 3 in the space of less than a minute. I love him and she could tell how genuine he is. Oh yeah. ‘Raina even made my high heel shoe chairs work in the living room. Is that magic OR WHAT!!??

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