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Monday, December 26, 2005

Hannah and Che' Write to Joe

21DEC05 -- I’m in our apartment now, but it’s lonely. I’ve been by myself before and was used to it, but now it just seems lonely. The place is empty. Before I would have been SO excited to be in a place so large and by myself, but it’s like there’s much missing, starting with Joe… Then I get to imagine Hannah running around….O.K. Well, she won’t be big enough to run around there, but the thought is still cute. It’s easy to cry myself to sleep for being so lonely and for missing Joe and for wanting him to be here to see what home I’ve begun. And so that he can see me getting rounder. I know that him being here would take away from the self-consiousness and the loneliness. Well, hopefully not much longer and he‘ll be home. Just the way he left.

Oh. Here’s the stupid quote of the day:

I was getting up from a chair and I have to kind of heeve myself (because the little person likes to sit in my pelvis). Otherwise her head puts pressure on me. One of the guys (who’s prone to say stupid things and think he’s brilliant) says, “Oh, com’mon!! You’re not even big enough to have to rock yourself up, yet.” He was dead serious. I held in my offense, but it’s like, "Hey Dumbass!! Think about what comes out of your teeth before you spit it."

Here’s something pretty cute. We had a Christmas party at work. I must be pregnant, because even with two plates, I was quite bold. I put my fried chicken and roast beef on my plate with my cheese cake, sweet potato pie, and yams. AND my other food. Yeah. It all touched. Anyway. They had live music there and someone… whose name happens to be Hannah, I believe enjoyed the music. She started thumping. All I could do is sit and laugh, because I know it was triggered by the music. I can’t wait for Joe to see my belly thump, because of Hannah’s excitement. I think she’ll know when he’s home. She thumps when he calls and I’m talking to him, and she’s thumping right now. We’re going to go take a nice bath and write a letter to Joe.

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