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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Picture THIS!

This is the way I described it for Joe's folks:

Here are a couple pix that I took for Joe, but I think you could use the laugh. You can see some of our lovely abode in the first picture and the GROWING POOF!!! The second picture is Hannah (w/me looking down). I noticed that she had traveled to the left mommy hemisphere for vacation so I laid on my back and decided that Joe would love this one. Then the brilliant thinker that I am....wink, I decided it would be cool to take a picture from the bottom looking up. I think that one is just funny, because I'm peering over like, "Hello...Can you see me?" I really didn't think that I was that big, but I guess I know better now.

O.K. Hope you have a great evening.

P.S. That picture she described is soo funny! If anybody wants to see it, just email and we'll send it along.

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