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Sunday, January 08, 2006

Hannah's Big Jar of Blessings

Leave it to Shannon!

Yesterday, Dorian and I visited Shannon. She was on the line with Joe's Aunt from Nebraska, and I got to meet her. Nice. I was also pleasantly surprised to find she had set us a fundraiser for Hannah's sake. That is, Shannon brought out a large jar from Hannah's room to show me she has started a fund for Hannah. I was immediately impressed to put some money into the jar. I also tried talking Shannon into leaving the jar out so visitors could see it. I know they would also be led to add to it. In no time, she would have to bring out another jar (and it is pretty large).

No way. Couldn't talk Shannon into placing that jar in the living room in plain view. Well, I'll just pray for her to change her mind. How about that! :-) No, really!

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