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Friday, January 06, 2006

Hannah's Clothes Closet Revealed

Thought maybe you could get a kick out of this one. I've run a muck with getting SOCKS for Hannah. Socks and Mittens. Here are a couple of the little things that I've gotten for her. She has STUFF!!!! The ducky socks have matching mittens and there are a pair of pink socks like the white and pink ones. They're about the size of my pinky. The duckies were inspired from the ducky that Joe's dad sent. And the outfits are covered in WINNIE THE POOH!!!! Or characters there of.

O.K. Well, I have to get rest, because I'm not feeling so very hot. -Che'

[If anybody wants to see Hannah's closet and STUFF, email and we'll send the pics.]

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