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Friday, January 13, 2006

Adventures of Hannah Farming


O.K. I sent the pics to Joe so that he will be the first to see his little one's face. You, my family, are now the second to see Hannah's face. I know...Usually you get to see the sonos that you get to imagine what the face REALLY looks like, but...Yesterday, I had a high-risk sono. I think I told you and everything was fine. The technician has a soft spot for service members (especially those missing their children becoming people) so she did some 3D photos.

So, to you....HERE SHE IS!!!!
Hannah Miranda Houser's first 3D sonogram pictures.

I hope they're clear enough for you to see, but I think you will. Her little hands are perfect...10 fingers and 10 toes evenly distributed between 2 hands and 2 feet. Doesn't it just make you love her more? I know it does for me. Initially, being pregnant, I was of course SHOCKED, scared, angry even, happy, confused...yes, confused..."How'd this happen?" Confused....Don't answer that. I know all about sharing water glasses and toilets....Duh? 8^D. The anger, was from the fear of me and Joe not having alone "us" time, the big deployment money, unnecessarily HUGE wedding...Seeing her first sonograms with a silhouette of her face and her hands and feet and watching her move about wondering, "What the hell is my baby doing?" and "What is she thinking?", was amazing. It was stimulating.

Finding out she is "a Hannah" made me instantly fall in love with her and feel closer to her. (Yes, I wanted a girl first). BUT!!! Seeing her face in this 3D sono...I melted completely. I felt EVERY bit of love for her that I knew I would when she decides to come. I feel like I know her. It was the first time I saw her sleeping, because usually she's dancing around. Well, I love her and I know you all do, too, and are as anxious as I am to meet her. I hope that my sending you these pictures brings you closer to me and Hannah and that it helps those of you who are not near to be a part of "The Adventures of Hannah Farming."

Shannon and Hannah

[Note: Those pics are incredible. Email and we will send them along.]

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