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Monday, January 23, 2006

Clothes for Shannon and Hannah

Thank you so much for coming and showing me Hannah's new outfits and blanket. She's going to be spoiled and it means a lot to me that you've taken the time to pick up the crocheting needle and do that. It's something you are good at and haven't done in FOREVER and I know that getting back into something, takes much energy and thought, because it's always "Where do I start?" Joe called and I told him about it and he's anxious to see everything.

'Nita and I went to Old Navy and I got some new outfits. Mostly pants, since I have so many tops to wear. Even better, I didn't spend nearly as much as I thought I would and I got a lot.

Well, We're going to eat a little something and relax with our feet up. I have to say "our", because I think Hannah will get upset if I make her not feel included in this little partnership.

O.K. Well, more later
Love, Hugs, Kisses
Shannon and Hannah

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