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Monday, February 06, 2006

The Hannah Shower

Reprint (originally posted Saturday but somehow got deleted)

Cousin took me out last night and we had a nice time. We were going to go to Mongolian Grill, but it was closed when she got here, so we went to the Kiss Cafe. It's a bar/restaurant in B-more. We were too cute for Mongolian Grill anyway. It was a nice time, because it wasn't crowded like a bar, and we sat on couches. It wasn't the flavor I was going for, but it was yummy. In fact it was so yummy that after I finished eating, Me AND Hannah fell asleep on the couch until it was time to go. Wild party animals we are. Tuckered us both out.

Please take note of those FLY Old Navy trousers, that I am wearing. (Joe took us shopping. It was like the absentee shopper, but he took us) Yes, they're maternity and they're WONDERFUL!! We got 3 pairs. Yup. We're that guy. After all, just because we're pregnant, that's NO excuse to look like "Dammit to Hell." As Pop says when I have crying fits, "Go wash your face and get dressed. It'll make you feel better. You'll at least look good." tee hee

Yes, the military tells you to drink water, FOR EVERYTHING. Even for a sucking chest wound, it's the magic alixer. Well, Pop's is, "Wash your face"." It felt really good to get out on a Friday night as opposed to being couped up in the apartment, except when I get to talk to Joe for marathon IM dates. Then it's o.k., because I can sleep easy. Well, I just thought I'd share these pics. Hannah wanted to say hi too, so you get the belly shots. The one's just a cute/funny belly shot (the one of me looking down like "HEY!! Where'd that come from!?"

Well, The weather looks beautiful, so I think we're going to take advantage of it. For those of you who don't know Joe is safe and well and will be flying home the 20th of THIS MONTH!!! So, I know you are and will, but keep your prayers and well wishes for his safe return. He'll be here on the weekends, and then come 1APR HE'S HOME FOR GOOD!!!! Hannah and I have some nice surprises for him, but shhh. He doesn't know what they are. As well, please keep 11MAR open, because I'm thinking we're going to do a Marakesh Night to thank everyone who has been here with me (and putting up with my Sh*t) during this lonely, hard time and for making it as comfortable and easy as possible. You REALLY know who your friends are during a time like this and it also draws a family closer. I like to think. I will surely let you know the confirmation of Marakesh. I think I'll make reservations today, so we have it in advance and you'll get the formal invitation to join us.

As well, my girlfriends, whom I've realized I need more than I ever thought (not that I didn't know, but a time like this confirms it), are devising a master plan...YUP!!! They've got things in the works for a little something called THE BABY SHOWER which will be dubbed "The Hannah Shower". tee hee. Well, we're looking at 25MAR, but you will receive notice from Sandrine, Buffy, Kavita, or Renita. How wonderful are my friends? Yes, yes, do tell...

O.K. Well, It'e after 0900 and we have to motivate. Have a little cleaning to do and have to get some of the fresh air.

More later
Shannon and Hannah

Note: Pictures upon request. Email Us.

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