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Monday, February 06, 2006

Watching For Hannah Compositions

Greetings to all across the (S)miles! (Written to Joe's Family and to our Friends)

I know you are as excited as I -- we are -- that little Miss Hannah is continuing to do well on her journey. As well, we are so happy that Joe is getting closer to his trip safely back home. We are proud to know him and to have him as a son.

You may know I have no musical training. I preface my message in that way to let you know the Holy Ghost inspired me to sit at the keyboard and at the piano and He gave me the compositions that are on the enclosed tape. I plan to investigate how I can technically enhance the quality and packaging of the taped sounds to share with other family members and friends. In the meanwhile, I want to share it with you and the family. I hope it blesses you, too, as we look and “Watch For Hannah.” It is all to the glory of God, as He has caused it to be; and I would not be able to play either of those compositions the same way again,(or close to it), even if my life depended on it. :-) The title of the original musical compositions are (1) Sleep Little One Sleep, (2) Watching For Hannah, (3) God's Little Angel Chile, (4) Hannah's Lullaby, and (5) Heavenly Hands (over Hannah) - Finale.

Be well and be found in Jesus, when He comes again.

Love to all,
Excited grandmother once again

(Enclosed) Taped original musical compositions Dedicated to Hannah © 2006. All rights reserved worldwide. By Rev. L. Dowell. Columbia, MD.

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